Release History

Version Date Description
0.0.11 2009-09-12 Database improvements and small other bug fixes
0.0.10 2009-06-20 parsing improvements and fixes
0.0.9 2009-01-25 Memory and speed improvements
0.0.8 2009-01-19 Project management only
0.0.7 2009-01-14 Features and fixes
0.0.3 2009-01-05 Feature release
0.0.2 2009-01-05 First release

Release 0.0.11 - 2009-09-12

Type Changes By
update Database: Load more than one LINK entity at once Fixes 158616 . berendona
fix Inserting URL: Unique constrain failures Fixes 152906 . berendona
fix Failure on update database entry causes program stop Fixes 158571 . berendona
add Database: Use indices Fixes 158449 . berendona
update Database: Use hashes for detecting unique Fixes 158447 . berendona
update Database: Use cached tables as default Fixes 158450 . berendona
update Update HSQLDB to Fixes 158446 . berendona
remove Remove HSQLDB Fixes 152916 . berendona
add Move to DB4O Fixes 152916 . berendona
update Increase available bootstrap links Fixes 158443 . berendona
fix Too much threads and throutput Fixes 158438 . berendona
add Skip saving urls that are too long Fixes 158572 . berendona
add Database: Reduce size Fixes 158448 . berendona
add Too huge memory requirement Fixes 158615 . berendona
add Script for start under windows Fixes 152920 . berendona
add Loading list of URLs from File Fixes 158444 . berendona
add Allow always checking bootstrapping urls Fixes 158445 . berendona

Release 0.0.10 - 2009-06-20

Type Changes By
fix Program quits, if to less links available Fixes 152907 . berendona
add Bootstrap phase Fixes 152913 . berendona
add Increase reader blocksize Fixes 158434 . berendona
fix Extracting links buggy Fixes 158433 . berendona

Release 0.0.9 - 2009-01-25

Type Changes By
update Replace HtmlCleaner and XPath with own parser Fixes 152909 . berendona
add Skipping binary content Fixes 152910 . berendona
add Add PMD to eclipse, too berendona
fix Do not log explicit ignored protocols Fixes 152940 . berendona
fix Do not log explicit ignored mime types Fixes 152941 . berendona

Release 0.0.8 - 2009-01-19

Type Changes By
add Release management by maven with site Fixes 153246 . berendona
add Release management: upload assemblies on release build to sourceforge Fixes 153265 . berendona
add Add maven SCM (SVN) support Fixes 152918 . berendona
add Generating home page by maven Fixes 152921 . berendona
add Site report: collect TODOs and FIXMEs Fixes 152923 . berendona
add Site report: use PMD for code checks Fixes 152924 . berendona
add Site report: use jdepend for code checks Fixes 152922 . berendona
add Site report: add external java doc links berendona
add Customize manifest file: Add page url and build timestamp Fixes 153377 . berendona
add Check license information saved in file headers Fixes 152917 . berendona
add Add timestamp to MANIFEST Fixes 152919 . berendona

Release 0.0.7 - 2009-01-14

Type Changes By
fix Improve logging messages on some exception: spare some stacktrace without positive effects berendona
fix some other bug fixes berendona
update Updating required libraries: commons-httpclient and hsqldb berendona
remove Do not provide tar.bz2 anymore berendona

Release 0.0.3 - 2009-01-05

Type Changes By
add allowing deamon mode under linux berendona

Release 0.0.2 - 2009-01-05

Type Changes By
add first runable demonstation berendona
add linux shell script for simplified start berendona
add providing zip, tar.gz and tar.bz2 with all dependencies and source code berendona
add providing jar with only compiled classes and jar with only source code berendona